SHORT STORY - How We Came To Be

Hello... my name is Bill McFadden.  Some of you may already know me as, "The Site Guy".  For those who do not, here's the short story.  For many years now my friends, family, and co-workers knew me as a guy who could help them do things with their computers.  But long before I ever learned about computers, I was known as a guy with some artistic and design skills.  Eventually, I found ways to merge the two disciplines.  As a result,  I was very much less than magically transformed into yet another kind of guy; one that people said could design and build "cool looking" web sites.  At that point, it was only natural that I became... yes, you guessed it... "The Site Guy".

Shortly thereafter, a friend and local Internet Service Provider asked me if I would redesign his web site.  He was very pleased with the results, and asked if I would also redesign the site for his computer sales shop.  Eventually, he started pointing his web hosting clients in my direction to help them create their web sites.  More clients followed, and before I knew it, my hobby had blossomed into a business.

Initially, I relied on the support and services of a single ISP and web site hosting company.  In the long run, I found this to be far too limiting in the real world.  The fact is people use many different web site hosts worldwide, and thus, to be effective, I needed to create sites on the client's server of choice, wherever it was located.  This allowed me to be less dependent on a single source for services, to compare services offered, and ultimately be more flexible in meeting the needs of my clients.

I feel that this places me in a unique position as a web site designer.  Unlike most designers, who are often tied to a single company, I believe I can be much more responsive to my customer's needs by operating on a much wider playing field.  This way, I can provide far more options and flexibility to my clients, no matter where their service resides.  As a matter of fact, my Site Hosts page now recognizes several nationwide and regional hosting services that I feel may possibly represent great value and high service standards for my customers.  Take a look at the sites listed there.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


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