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On the price chart below you will find an itemized list of our fees for various services.  The fees shown are based on a cash or check payment.  Also note, that our package deals are shown at the bottom of the list, and that custom packages can be assembled to fit your particular needs, if the packages shown do not.  Please see the Web Site Package descriptions below for details on what is included in each package.


Web Site Packages
Our three basic web site packages are designed to provide you with the basics needed to get your site up and online.  Additional items or features may be added to, or subtracted from, any of the these packages.  If you don't see a package that fits your specific needs, let me know what you do need and I will create a package that works for you.  Or, you can call me, fill out the contact form on this site, or send an e-mail for additional information.

The prices shown for these packages assume that the client (you) will provide all the text and graphics necessary to build the site.  These prices only apply if the text and graphics are supplied in a format that the computer recognizes (i.e. txt, doc, etc., for text files, and bmp, gif, jpg, etc., for graphics).  However, if you do not have the necessary equipment or knowledge required to provide your site information in these formats you may mail them to us.  Be aware though that if we do the work to prepare these files (i.e. data entry, scanning, graphics editing, etc.), additional charges will apply to your site's package price.

Silver Web Site Package
1 Page Web Site (Think of this package as an online business card).

The Silver Site Includes:  1 Custom-Made Large Page Heading, 2 Medium-sized Text Sub-Headings, 2 Customer-Supplied Photos or Graphics, Address, Phone #, Fax # (if desired), 1 E-Mail link, Up to 500 words of customer-supplied text.

Gold Web Site Package
3 Page Web Site (Think of this package as an online business brochure).

The Gold Site Includes: 
3 Custom-Made Large Page Heading, 6 Medium-sized Text Sub-Headings, 6 Customer-Supplied Photos or Graphics, Address, Phone #, Fax # (if desired), E-Mail links, & customer-supplied text.

Platinum Web Site Package
6 Page Web Site (a custom-designed site based on your ideas about how you want the site to look, feel & work).

The Platinum Site Includes:  6 or More Custom-Made Large Pages, including Titles, Medium-sized Text Sub-Titles, Customer-Supplied Photos or Graphics, Address, Phone #, Fax # (if desired), E-Mail links, & customer-supplied text.





Animations -- Canned (pre-produced & readily available)

12.00 ea

Animations -- Original (custom-made per order)

90.00 hr



Audio -- Canned (pre-produced/customer supplied) - Setup

90.00 ea

Audio -- Canned (pre-produced/readily avail) - Setup

90.00 ea

Audio -- Original tracks & voice-overs - Price dependent upon request.



Changes -- Page editing - Design/Production/Updates

50.00 hr

Data Entry


Data Entry -- Text Entry - Manual - Editing

30.00 hr

Forms - Each


Forms -- 1-15 fields

90.00 ea

Forms -- 16-30 fields

210.00 ea

Forms -- 31-45 fields

300.00 ea

Forms -- 46-60 fields

390.00 ea



Graphics -- Additional (over # included in package)

6.00 ea

Graphics -- Canned (pre-produced clipart)

12.00 ea

Graphics -- Editing (editing, cleanup, or resizing for presentation)

50.00 hr

Graphics -- Original (custom-made per order)

50.00 hr

Hit Counters


Hit Counters -- Odometer style

18.00 ea

Java Applet


Java Applet -- Special Order Item - Dependent upon request

Java Scripts


Java Scripts -- Canned (pre-produced/readily avail) - choose from list

90.00 ea

Pages - Additional


Pages - Additional -- Subsequent Pgs (same Silver Pkg) up to 2 max

144.00 ea

Links - Additional


Links - Additional -- Subsequent Links (graphic or text)

6.00 ea



Scanning -- Per Page

6.00 ea

Scheduled Functions


Scheduled Functions -- Images (time released images)

120.00 ea

Scheduled Functions -- Pages (time released pages)

120.00 ea

Search Engine Submittals - Additional


We no longer provide this service - click here for info on these services

Search Routines


Search Routines (simple - same site)

120.00 ea

Time Stamps


Date Stamp (reflects date of last page update)

24.00 ea



Video -- Canned (pre-produced/readily avail/customer supplied)

120.00 ea

Video -- Original - Dependent upon request

Web Site Packages


Silver Web Site Package - One Page Site - (see inclusions here)

200.00 ea

Gold Web Site Package - Three Page Site - (see inclusions here)

600.00 ea

Platinum Web Site Package - Six Or More Page Site

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