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What We Do

The Site Guy is operated by Bill McFadden.


The Site Guy specializes in web site design, redesign, custom graphics, and consulting services for your business or personal web site.  With over 30 years of experience in creating graphic arts and designs, we can create custom graphics that will give your site a unique look on the Internet, and get you noticed!  Providing a neat, clean, and professional look is a fundamental part of what we do for your web site.  But, more than that, we make sure that your site employs clear and easy-to-use navigation techniques, and that your site has functionality geared to its intended purpose.

Or, if you would like an analysis of your existing web site, we can give you our opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of your site, with regard to layout, functionality, and design.  So, take a look around.  We have used a variety of graphics, navigation tools, and styles on this site, and our sample sites, for you to look at.  There are many more.  If you like what you see then send The Site Guy an e-mail or call and let us help you design a great looking web site!



...Some web designers you see advertised on the Internet will tell you anything you want to hear about the services they offer, and the things they can do.  Indeed, there are some of them who can make good on those claims.  The tricky part is finding out who can and who cannot deliver on their promises.  Usually by the time you find that out, it may be too late.  However, one thing you will not get from "The Site Guy" is hype.  You should not have to spend your valuable time engaged in doing guesswork about my skills.  So, here's the simple truth;  If we do not feel competent enough to build the features you want to see on your site, we'll be happy to tell you so... right up front!  While we are always learning, and continuing to expand our skills, we do not claim to be able to do everything.





What we do design-wise appeals to many people, but may not appeal to everyone.  Like art, beauty, functionality, and the other concepts described here, vary in the eyes of the beholder.  We recognize that.  We will not be offended if you do not share our sense of what looks good, or what works.  If you have a different idea, then by all means share it with us, and we can give it a try.   You may have a great idea that has not occurred to us.  Sometimes, finding just the right elements (graphics, backgrounds, fonts, etc.) for a site takes a little experimentation and a little time.  The bottom line is that our goal is to do the kind of work both you and The Site Guy will be proud to put on your site.



What we can do is to offer you our skills as artists, a designers, organizers, and as consultants.  Let's face it, lots of people can make a web site.  However, it is much more difficult to make a web site that looks good, is simple to use, that employs clear navigation techniques, and that is functional for the site's intended purpose.  We designed most of the custom graphics you see on this site, and the other sites we have done (see some of our work here).   We like, and use, designs that are simple, clean, and purposeful.  If you need things organized into a clear, concise, make-sense kind of order, we can provide that for you.  Or, if you want us to look at your existing site, and provide some tips on what looks good and works, and on what doesn't and why, then we're also your... ahem... Site Guy.

So please feel free to take a look around and see if you find something here that appeals to you.  We have used a variety of graphics, colors, styles, navigation buttons & links, and background textures on these pages for you to view.  If you do find something you like, send us an e-mail or give us a call.  We will be happy to chat with you about your particular needs where your personal or business web site is concerned.

Bill McFadden




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